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Who is EastKilbride Amateur Radio Society


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We are newly founded club who share an interest in Amateur Radio.

We are based in EastKilbride West of Scotland and we are looking to expand our club membership.

We meet once every Two weeks from 7-9pm at the The Murray Owen Centre

Murray Owen Centre

The Murray Owen Centre address is

Murray Owen Centre
1 Liddell Grove
East Kilbride
G75 9AD

We currently don’t offer HF operation from the club.

We do run Digital modes through the DV4Mini and Shark RF Open spot to link into the Wires-X Network

One of our main interests is the Yaesu System Fusion and static mobile

We enjoy using Digital modes but prefer c4fm system.

We are also active on the repeater and Echo Link system around Central Scotland.

Contact us today!






Radio Society of Great Britain – Main Site

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